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The Knee Hero

Your all-rounder for knee and leg pain

  • efficient for knee, leg, and foot pain, leg cramps as well as irritations of the Achilles tendon
  • helps to prevent and to treat arthrosis
  • comes with three easily combinable parts
  • the varying angles of the wedges are perfect for stretching your legs as you need it

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€49.95 * The Knee Hero

✓ Good for joints and cartilages
Stretch and strengthen your leg muscles with the Knee Hero — your knees and ankles will thank you for it.

✓ The choice is yours
Exercise how you want: train both legs simultaneously or one each, you decide! Feeling adventurous? Stack the wedges for more intensive results.

✓ A true time-saver
Use the Knee Hero while brushing your teeth: two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening suffice to efficiently stretch your legs.

✓ Secure non-slip surface
Fits like a glove! Every wedge can be stacked on top of another. Together with the elevated parts, your feet will keep their grip.

Knee Hero? The name says it all:

Why do you need the Knee Hero?

Our modern life requires us to move less and less. Whether it’s sitting at a desk, on the couch, while driving or taking public transportation, there’s not much variation to our movement patterns. As a direct result, our muscles and fasciae are losing flexibility — and we become stiff and immobile. Particularly our leg muscles are affected by this lack of movement and variety. They begin to “shorten” and tense up, tugging at the Achilles tendon. This results in micro-tears as well as hurting shins. In the worst case, the bone skin can detach. Simultaneously, muscle overload puts too much stress on ankles and knee joints, which leads to arthritis and meniscus damage.

Here's where our Knee Hero comes in: you can actively reduce tension within your muscles and lessen the pull on the Achilles tendon. After a couple of days, you'll see you'll be able to move more naturally and pain-free again, provided you exercise daily. The best thing about it: you don't need to spend any extra time on it. Use the Knee Hero while brushing your teeth, for example. Already 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening suffice to stretch your calves efficiently.

How do you use it?

Thanks to our long-standing experience in pain management, we developed a tool perfect for people who suffer from aches and ailments of all kinds. The result is three stackable wedges of different height angles suitable for daily training sessions:

  • two smaller wedges, each with an angle of 9°
  • one bigger wedge with an angle of 18°

These three wedges open up a multitude of combinations. This way, you can exercise according to your and your muscles' needs. For example, stretch both of your legs at the same angle by using the two smaller wedges or vary the angle for one leg. Alternatively, you may focus on only one leg and stack all of the wedges for a combined angle of 36°. The choice is yours! Try different variations to find the best angle for you.


In the beginning, we recommend you use both of the smaller wedges first. Should you feel a sharp tugging in your calves while both of your feet are placed on the 9° wedges, your muscles are shortened — which means that using the little wedges is just right for you.


Should your muscles be less stiff, you may use the 18° wedge for one foot instead. For the other foot, stack the two small wedges on top of each other.


If your calves' muscles are particularly inflexible, try different wedge combinations: use the 9° wedge for the worse leg and the 18° one for the other.


For the most intensive stretching experience, stack all of the wedges on top of each other to create a 36° angle.


Special exercises with the Knee Hero:



- Frequently Asked Questions -

How many parts do I get?

This set contains three wedges:

Two smaller wedges with an angle of 9°.

  • length 295mm (12 inches)
  • width front: 155mm (6 inches)
  • width back: 125mm (5 inches)
  • height front: 102mm (4 inches)
  • height back: 5mm (2 inches)

One big wedge with an angle of 18°.

  • length 295mm (12 inches)
  • width front: 155mm (6 inches)
  • width back: 125mm (5 inches)
  • height front: 102mm (4 inches)
  • height back: 12mm (1/2 inches)

Also included in the package is a nifty booklet containing tips and information on how to use the Knee Hero properly.

Which body area should I treat with the Knee Hero?

The Knee Hero's primary purpose is to treat the legs, particularly the areas around the foot and knee joints. It is possible to use the Knee Hero's wedges for one or both legs simultaneously. By stretching the calves' inner and outer muscles, the knees, foot joints, and muscles, as well as the Achilles tendon, relax. The pressure on the joints is minimized, and the cartilage in ankle and knee joints can recover. At the same time, the menisci of the knee joints regenerate, and the ligaments resume their biological function.

Apart from this, you may train the whole of your back, neck, and the back of your legs using the Knee Hero. Even stretching the front of your thighs is possible! How this works, you'll read in the booklet that accompanies your order.

Is it dangerous to exercise with the Knee Hero? Can I hurt myself?

Whether you practice with one leg or both: you won't ever slip. Our wedges are specially constructed so that they can be stacked perfectly on top of each other.

On top of that, the wedges have a slight ridge on their surface, with a stylized flower of life pattern engraved onto it. Both ensure that your feet won't lose their grip on the wedges.

If you exercise with our Knee Hero, you should try to stick to our pain scale (ranging from 1 to 10). You might know it from our YouTube videos or exercise descriptions. Always aim at staying within a range of 8-9 for the best effect. At this level, the pain is still manageable, and you're still able to breathe normally without having to steel yourself physically and mentally against it. Below or beyond these numbers, the stretching is less effective.

What material is the Knee Hero made of?

Our Knee Hero consists of durable and lightweight EPP foam, produced in Germany.

How can I clean the Knee Hero?

Our Knee Hero is made from water-resistant EPP foam, which means it won't soak up water like a sponge. You can thus easily clean it with a wet piece of cloth or rinse it off.

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28 May 2021


Die Kombi mit Zähne putzen ist zeitsparend und unproblematisch, dafür mit viel Dehnung für die Wade!

5 May 2021


Tolle Hilfe-wie bei allen Ihren Produkten, nur zu empfehlen

24 Apr 2021


hochwertiges Produkt, sehr hilfreich für effektive Dehnübungen der Knie / Waden, aber auch Schultern und Arme

24 Apr 2021


hochwertiges Produkt, sehr hilfreich für effektive Dehnübungen für Knie/Waden, aber auch Schultern/ Arme

22 Apr 2021

Super Knieretter

Der Knieretter ist sehr zu empfehlen. Er eignet sich nicht nur für die Knie/Waden sondern auch super für Übungen mit den Armen.

18 Apr 2021


15 Apr 2021


Die Schmerzen konnte ich reduzieren, sie sind aber noch nicht weg. Die Beweglichkeit ist besser geworden.

14 Apr 2021

Erstaunliche Wirkung

Ich habe die Knieretter meiner Schwester geschenkt, die erhebliche Knieprobleme hatte. Es kam ein begeistertes Dankeschön zurück. Sie kann endlich wieder ihre Knie durchdrücken und fast schmerzfrei die vielen Stufen zu ihrer Wohnung bewältigen.

14 Apr 2021

Tolles Produkt

14 Apr 2021

Warum nicht schon früher

Seit einigen Wochen trainiere ich mit den Hilfsmitteln. Das war am Anfang nicht einfach. Ich habe bemerkt wie "eingerostet" Bänder, Sehnen und Muskeln waren. Doch jetzt spüre ich bereits die ersten Erfolge. Wenn dies so weitergeht, werde ich bald wieder schmerzfrei joggen können. Darauf freue ich mich jetzt schon.

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