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Back Hero

Relieve back pain in two minutes a day

  • stretch with ease
  • effective against pain in the upper and lower back
  • adjustable to your personal needs thanks to three bases and two attachments
  • developed by Germany’s Nr.1 pain specialist Roland Liebscher-Bracht

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€59.95 * Back Hero

✓ Lie down and feel the stretch
Simply lie down and relax: stretch your back intensively while reducing the painful tension in your muscles.

✓ Manage your stretching experience
Adjust the height and stretching intensity of the Back Hero by combining the tool’s parts to suit your needs.

✓ Treat the cause of back pain
Back pain is the result of musculofascial shortenings and tension in the frontal body area. The Back Hero helps revert these and relaxes the back muscles.

✓ Designed to be used by pain patients
The EPP (expanded polypropylene) material has a soft surface that is gentle on bones and tissue, while the Hero’s interior is firm enough to generate the necessary pressure.

Back Hero? The name says it:

How does the Back Hero help with back pain?

We have found most back pain is due to excessive tension in the muscles and fasciae. Our habitual daily movement is to blame for this: we sit a lot in a hunched position, constantly overextend the neck, and usually have our arms in front of our body.

The muscles and fasciae in the chest, stomach, and hip area, i.e., at the front of the body, are usually in their shortened position and are hardly stretched. The hip flexor, for example, shortens drastically over the years, not only because of a constant sitting posture but also through walking. And in your back region, the back extensors and gluteus muscles have to gradually increase their pull against such forces to keep your body upright. This creates excessive tension, and the resultant muscle overload causes pain.

When this occurs, the increasingly harmful pressure on the joints and intervertebral discs can eventually lead to lumbago (lower back pain). Your body warns of this by sending signal pains.

This is where our Back Hero can help: It expands the shortened tissue at the front of your body, making it flexible again. Used regularly, this can reduce the tension at the front of your body, and thus in your back and gluteus muscle regions. And once this excessive strain is normalized, your body no longer feels challenged, which means your pain is alleviated or may even disappear.

At the same time, rather like a massage, the Back Hero exerts a soothing pressure on the muscles, fasciae, and bones in your back region, allowing your body to relax more and more gradually. This can help your body combat undesirable conditions such as hyperlordosis (hollow back), kyphosis (hunched back), and slipping vertebrae with regular use. If these have developed because of excessive muscle tension or have been aggravated by it, using the Back Hero can optimize your efforts to get yourself back to as normal a state as possible.

How do I use the Back Hero?

Your Back Hero consists of five parts that can be used in different configurations.

There are a total of three different base units, each offering a different height. Two attachments (a 360° attachment for stretching in all directions and a 2D attachment for two-dimensional spine correction) complete the tool.




Application for pain in the upper back or for the regression of the round back

For lower back pain, lie down with the Back Hero placed against your sacrum, which lies below the spine. For pain in the upper back or a hunched back, try to find the spot where you can feel the greatest stretch. In the back region, this is usually level with the lower half of the sternum (breastbone).

Step 1: Choose your attachment

First of all, lie down on the two attachments one after the other, and compare the feeling of pressure they create. Then start practicing with the attachment that feels the best. If it hurts too much, put a folded towel or a suitably sized pillow on the attachment for the first time. We consider the pain pressure too much – which we designate as a level 10 pain – if you can't remain completely calm and relaxed while you take deep breaths.


Step 2: Choose your base height

If your upper back curvature is more pronounced, you may find the attachment height alone may be enough to generate sufficient stretching intensity. Your neck mustn’t be uncomfortably stretched when your head is on the floor. And neither should this hyperextension go all the way up to 10. Try always to position your head so your chin is as close to the larynx as possible and lie with your arms straight out on the floor at shoulder height.

If you feel less than an 8 stretch in the shoulders and chest region, that's when you need some further support under the attachment. It is best to start with the smallest base before carefully making any further adjustments to reach the perfect intensity. To achieve maximum intensity, you can combine all the bases by simply stacking them on top of each other. The table above shows you how to increase the height in small increments. Place the pedestal base unit on a flat surface (such as an exercise mat).

As well as making base height adjustments, you can also increase the intensity of the stretches by switching from the 360° attachment to the 2D attachment. We recommend beginners should start with the 360° attachment.

Use the same strategy for your lower back. The difference here is that you would normally choose a significantly higher exercise height for the lower back. With the lower back, you will usually feel the stretch in the groin or in the back itself, which will feel the same as the pain you are suffering. This is a sign you are doing precisely the right thing for your back. Find the level of intensity (below 10) you need to remain comfortable. You can usually increase the stretch’s intensity by bending your knees at an angle of 90 °, putting your feet together, and letting your knees sink outwards and downwards.


Step 3: Practise stretching

If you choose the attachment for two-dimensional spine correction, make sure your spine sits in the recess provided. This will help protect your spinous processes, which are usually pressure-sensitive. Hold the stretch for about 2 to 3 minutes (or longer if you like) while breathing as deeply and evenly as possible. Always try to relax even more as you exhale, let go a little more, and sink further into the stretch.

Stay at a 9.5 intensity throughout the stretch and then slowly release yourself from the position. Especially at the beginning, when your body is not used to this type of stretch, it can be challenging to disengage from your stretching position. Always move slowly, roll sideways out of the stretch if necessary, and avoid making any sudden or jerky movements.


- Frequently Asked Questions-

How many parts do I get?

Your Back Hero consists of five parts that can be used in different configurations. There are a total of three different base units, each offering a different height. Two attachments (a 360° attachment for stretching in all directions and a 2D attachment for two-dimensional spine correction) complete the tool.

How do I use the Back Hero?

If you're experiencing pain in the upper part of your back, place the Back Hero underneath your back on the level of the thoracic spine. For lower back pain, put the Back Hero under your sacrum — but never underneath the lumbar spine!

What do I have to keep in mind while using the Back Hero?

The Back Hero is designed to be used by pain patients and prevent the occurrence of symptoms. The EPP (expanded polypropylene) material has a soft surface that is gentle on bones and tissue, while the interior is firm enough to generate the necessary pressure. The height of your Back Hero can also be adjusted using three different bases. That means your stretches can be done gently yet still with sufficient intensity. So approach your optimal exercise level slowly. Nothing can go wrong, provided you always listen to your body and its signal pains.

How often should I use the Back Hero?

We recommend using the Back Hero as a supplement to our pain relief exercises for the best results. For example, lie on your Back Hero before the exercises to get your body optimally prepared for the stretches. And you can also lie down on this additional aid between your exercise workouts. So there is no recommended "maximum dose." To decide how often you want to use the Back Hero, you gauge how comfortable your body feels.

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26 Jun 2021


Der Rückenretter ist genial
Ich habe noch einen kleinen Tipp
Vor jeder Sportart den Rückenretter einsetzen und man hat eine viel bessere Haltung

12 Jun 2021


7 Jun 2021


sehr entspannend

31 May 2021

Der Rückenretter macht seinem Namen alle Ehre!

Ich habe mehrere üble Diagnosen im LWS-Bereich, die sich sicher nach oben hin fortsetzen (wurde noch nicht untersucht) und eine schon seit der Kindheit bekannte Skoliose unten und oben. Weiterhin bildet sich ein Rundrücken aus. Zudem knickt mein Oberkörper stark nach rechts ab und das rechte Bein ist ca. 3 cm zu kurz, was eine aufrechte Haltung noch erschwert. Innerhalb eines Jahres bin ich nun - wegen was nun genau weiß ich noch gar nicht, Ärzte geben sich ja keine Mühe mehr und erklärt bekommt man auch nichts, habe ich mich von einer Radfahrerin in eine Schwerbehinderte verwandelt. Ich habe das Gefühl, als ob ich einen Sack Backsteine um den Hals hängen hätte, was mich nach rechts unten zieht. Hinzu kommen starke Schmerzen von der LWS bis zur Mitte der BWS. Zum Schluss war ich kaum noch fähig, meinen Haushalt zu machen und konnte nur noch kurze Strecken mit Krücken laufen, dabei bin ich erst 54. Krankengymnastik half mir nicht. Ich war am Boden zerstört, habe ich doch außer meiner 14jährigen Tochter niemanden, der mir hilft und mit ihr kann ich auch nichts mehr unternehmen.
Was mir allerdings geholfen hat, war der Rückenretter. Und wie! Nach nur 1 mal drauf liegen hatte ich ein total erleichtertes Gefühl. Die Schmerzen waren fast weg und der Sack Backsteine ebenso. Nach 2 Tagen mit dem Rückenretter (und Ihren Dehnübungen für die Bandscheiben) konnte ich bereits wieder ohne Krücken gehen! Ich habe den Rückenretter jetzt ca. 3 Monate und verwende ihn mehrmals täglich. Ich bin total süchtig danach geworden, weil das so ein tolles Gefühl ist, bin aber auch total darauf angewiesen, weil meine Beschwerden sonst nach 3 - 5 Stunden wiederkehren.
Dieses Teil ist eine geniale Erfindung und wirklich jeden Cent wert. Ich weiß gar nicht, wie ich Ihnen danken soll

27 May 2021


schnelle Lieferung, angenehmes Material, gute Einteilung der zur Verfügung stehenden Platten zur schrittweisen Erhöhung beim Training, unkompliziert und einfach einsetzbar

23 May 2021

Rückenretter einfach klasse!

Der Rückenretter kam vor 2 Tagen und ich benutze ihn immer mal wieder am Tag. Mein leichter Rundrücken streckt sich bereits und mein Brustkorb fühlt sich befreit an. Der Rückenretter ist jeden Cent wert!

20 May 2021

Alles top

17 May 2021

Wo ein Wille ist , da ist ein Weg

Da ich Bewegungseingeschränkt bin und Übergewicht habe ,
kann ich den Rückenretter nicht auf dem Boden benutzen.
Habe ein größeres Brett aufs Bett gelegt und los ging‘s .
Aus der Seitenlage drehe ich mich auf das Brett und die ersten
Male haben mir schon sehr geholfen . Mein Rücken ist nicht mehr so verspannt . ( LWS SYNDROM & SPINALKANALSTENOSEN OP ) . Ein Problem sehe ich , weitere Scheiben unter meinen Rücken zu bekommen, da ich keine Brücke machen kann .

13 May 2021


2 May 2021

Rückenretter hilft

Durch den Rückenretter kann man sich einfach und effektiv aufdehnen. Mir gefällt besonders der unkomplizierte Einsatz und die einfache Handhabe.
Habe ihn schon weiter empfohlen.

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