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Is it different from other foam rollers?

Yes, our rollers are different from many traditional foam rollers for the following reasons:

  1. Optimal degree of firmness: The surface of our foam rollers is somewhat softer and offers more give, while deeper down, it become increasingly firm. This means injuries can be avoided, but there is still enough pressure to deliver an effective foam rolling massage.
  2. Knowledge from over 30 years of pain therapy has gone into developing our foam rollers
  3. Our midi foam roller has a groove in the center, which takes pressure off the spine.
  4. Perfect diameter: Many foam rollers are either too large or too small to be really effective for fascia training. We determined the ideal diameter when we developed our foam rollers.
What is the difference between the DVDs?

The Pain-Free DVD contains all 27 Liebscher & Bracht exercises, which you can follow along with as pain specialist Roland Liebscher-Bracht guides you through them. You can purchase this DVD separately.

All the other DVDs are only available for purchase as part of one of our sets or with our books because these include special exercises and instructions, which are relevant to the books or to products in the set. The DVDs are included when you purchase a set or a book, and you don't have to pay extra for them.

That means the foam rolling massage set and the foam rolling massage book come with a DVD that has special exercises and instructions from Roland Liebscher-Bracht for using the foam roller for an effective massage. The fayo set and the fayo book include a DVD, which contains professional exercises and instructions for fascia yoga.

Why do I need the Stretching Strap from Liebscher & Bracht?

The strap is ideal for those who need support doing the stretching exercises: many people are limited in their flexibility due to muscle and fasciae stiffness as well as severe pain. The stretching strap helps you do the exercises anyway: if, for example, in one exercise, you are meant to touch your toes, but that isn't possible for you, then you can use the stretching strap to extend your reach.



When can I expect my delivery?

Shipping time depends on the destination. Within Germany, deliveries take 1-2 business days and outside of Germany 3-6 business days (due to customs processing, delivery to Switzerland may take longer).

How much is shipping?

Detailed information regarding shipping costs can be found here.

Can I specify a different delivery address?

A different delivery address can be entered with each order.
We are also happy to send your delivery to a Packing station. Please make sure that you enter the complete and correct address for your order:

First name: John
Last name: Smith
Company/PostNumber: Your PostNumber
Street/House number: Packing station number
City: Town of the packing station
Country: ex. Germany
Zip code: Packing station zip code

Which payment methods do Liebscher & Bracht accept?

You can pay for your order via invoice, PayPal or with a credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX).

We enclose the invoice for packages that have the same billing and delivery addresses. Upon request, we are also happy to send you the invoice via e-mail.

Other payment methods are not accepted at this time.

What is your return policy?

Details regarding conditions for returning items and your right to do so can be found in our terms and conditions.

Where do I return items to?

Both in the event of you exercising your right to return an item as well as returns made for different reasons (ex. warranty), please send your items to the following return address:

M.A.L Service GmbH
Hohestraße 23
97645 Ostheim

Note: please enclose the invoice that you received with your delivery.

Where do I enter my discount code?

Voucher codes will be applied at checkout, as long as they are entered correctly and completely. When successfully applied, the discount will be reflected in the purchase order item.

Discount codes can no longer be used once a delivery has been sent.

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