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Ischias-Schmerzen selbst behandeln (German)

  • learn how sciatic and SI (sacroiliac) joint pain develops
  • benefit from our more than 30 years of experience in pain therapy
  • relieve your pain immediately with effective exercises
  • effective even for diagnoses like sciatica, SI joint pain syndrome or piriformis syndrome
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Ischias-Schmerzen selbst behandeln (German)
€12.99 *

Product advantages

How do these types of pain develop?

In the case of buttock pain, lower-back pain and pain that radiates into the legs and feet, the suspected cause is usually an irritated sciatic nerve, an injured SI joint or the piriformis muscle. Conventional medicine mainly prescribes painkillers, relaxants, or anti-inflammatory drugs to treat it. In our experience, however, specific but easy exercises and effective treatment are sufficient to remedy sciatic and SI joint pain. This is also the case if you have already tried surgery or treatment, or if you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. At Liebscher & Bracht, we have developed a therapy that can quickly and permanently free patients from buttock pain and the radiating pain that goes with it – without any drugs or operations.

What helps and what does not help?

Physicians prescribe drugs to treat sciatic and SI joint pain to many pain patients. They also give differing advice on lifestyle changes. Some recommend reducing movement temporarily and others recommend the opposite. If that does not help, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are prescribed, in addition to therapeutic measures such as physiotherapy. In the case of chronic buttock pain, if patients fail to recover, the last resort is to fix the SI joint in place. If that does not work either, doctors often classify the pain as “untreatable”. Based on our experience, we assess the situation completely differently. With the right exercises, virtually everybody has the opportunity to live a pain-free life!

The best solution

Sciatic pain, buttock pain, SI (sacroiliac) joint pain and piriformis pain severely reduce the quality of life of those who are affected. It is not uncommon for the pain to radiate even further into the back and the legs. Often, however, it is not clear what triggers these conditions and how to treat them. This book is designed as a guide for anyone who does not want to suffer any longer. Along with clear explanations about the origins of pain, our guide provides instructions for self-treatment to relieve your pain quickly and effectively.

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5 / 5


7 Aug 2022

Faszienrolle ist für mich perfekt

5 / 5

Sehr gut?

1 Jul 2022

verständlich geschrieben,super

5 / 5


9 Jun 2022

Mit den Übungen aus dem Buch habe ich begonnen. Größeren Erfolg hatte ich mit den Videos. Einfach super!

5 / 5

Ich habe alle Trainingsgeräte und Bücher von Ihnen!

11 May 2022

Und bin hell begeistert!!!

5 / 5

ISG und Ischialgie Buch

1 Apr 2022

Habe sofort mit den Übungen angefangen und finde sie sehr gut.

5 / 5

Schmerzen selbst behandeln Ischialgie

10 Feb 2022

Sehr gut beschrieben und erklärt.

5 / 5

Ischiasschmerzen behandeln

7 Feb 2022


5 / 5

strukturiert, übersichtlich, fundiert und sehr zugänglich formuliert.

4 Feb 2022

Die beste Hilfestellung, die man sich wünschen kann. Der Rest hängt von einem selbst ab. Jeder kann, mit der richtigen Einstellung und Ausdauer, seinen Schmerzzustand zum Positiven verändern.
Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Hingabe.

5 / 5

Viel gekauft, nichts bereut

4 Feb 2022

Ja, es ist ziemlich preisintensiv, ja, es ist viel Werbung! Aber es ist genial, wenn man sich darauf einlässt und sich dann gezielt an den Stellen selber behandelt, wo es nötig ist. Und man hat etwas sofort parat, wenn einmal eine neue Stelle Sorgen bereitet.
Jetzt kann ich meinem Kung-Eis - das artgerechte Laufen wieder unbeschwert nachgehen.

4 / 5

Iscias und igs

4 Feb 2022

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